DIY macrame Edison bulb light pendant

DIY macrame Edison bulb light pendant

Create a truly show stopping piece when you combine two current trends: oversized Edison bulbs and giant macramé. This project takes minimal electrical skills if you choose to make your own pendant. Otherwise you can take any existing pendant and wrap the cord to create a similar look.


  • Oversized Edison bulb
  • Porcelain Keyless Socket Adaptor Kit
  • Lamp cord
  • Pendant cover
  • Rope or cording (we used 12/32" cotton piping cord)

Note on rope length: the amount of rope needed is dependent upon the length of your lamp cord and the thickness of the rope. We used a 12’ lamp cord and needed 24 yards of rope to cover the entire cord. If you
don’t have enough the first time, you can always get more and use clear tape to connect the ends.


1. Begin by creating a hole in your pendant cover. I was able to puncture a hole using a nail, but depending on your material, you may need to use a drill.

2. Thread your lamp cord through your pendant cover. Following the instructions on your socket kit, connect your lamp cord to the socket.

3. Take the length of your lamp cord and secure one end using tape. Thread your rope under so the center of the rope is toward the top of your cord.


4. Take the left piece of rope and cross it over the cord, making sure it goes underneath the right piece of rope.

5. Take the right piece of rope and cross it over the cord and behind the left loop.

6. Pull the rope through the loop.

7. Tighten to create your first knot.

8. Repeat, always taking the left side over first. Your rope will begin to spiral. Continue until you have covered all of your lamp cord. If you started your macramé above your pendant cover, shift the rope down until it’s next to it. You can glue the rope to the cord for extra security.

9. Screw in your Edison bulb and enjoy your new trendy pendant!

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