Don’t ‘Christianize’ yoga

This is in reference to your article on yoga published on Jan. 15.

Yoga originally evolved from Hindu culture. Chanting is an integral part of yoga. The chants and the mantras help to calm the mind at a deeper level. They are in praise of one and only one God.

All religions believe in that one God. By separating parts of yoga to suit a belief, one will not get full benefit of yoga. One has to be open-minded to understand the depth of knowledge yoga offers; the postures or asanas are only a small portion of yoga.

Those who appreciate only the yoga asanas do not derive the full benefit from practicing yoga. Whatever we accept, we have to accept wholly — otherwise it is better to stay away from it.

If one fully believes in Jesus, one need not be afraid to dive deep into yoga in the traditional way. It only proves to us the strength of your own belief. If we have to get pearls from the ocean, we have to dive deep — so too with yoga. The choice is yours.


Meera Gopakumar


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