‘Don’t ever toss out a book’

By Suzi Stier-Waletski

If you are looking for a way to recycle books, and still get a return, you can check out the Paperback Book Palace, 4106 18th Ave. N.W., and the Book Review, 1618 U.S. Highway 52 North. Both stores give customers store credit to purchase other used books in the stores.

"Don’t ever toss out a book, there is always someone who has a need for it," says Craig Totten, store manager of Book Review at Hillcrest Shopping Center.

"When people make donations we give store credit for other used books in the store," Totten says. "We then figure out a credit for them. If they choose not to accept the store credit they have the option of choosing a school to donate the credit to. We then let the school know they have credit on file and the teachers can come down and purchase books. It’s been a very successful program for us."


Totten says they take donations subject to the wants and needs of the customers.

"This includes all genres and styles but nothing adult oriented. General fiction seems to be our biggest seller. Our prices range from 50 cents to $5. If we have an overwhelming amount of books we donate to the Vet’s Hospital or to Good Will."

Additional places that will take donations include Salvation Army Thrift Store, 901 Ninth St. S.E., near Kmart; Savers, located at Crossroads Shopping Center, and Good Will at 660 37th Street N.W.

According to Kevin van den Hemel of Savers, donations of books are most welcome.

"We take all book donations, as long they are in decent shape. We don’t take encyclopedias, almanacs or dictionary sets, as they are just not used anymore. Our books sell quite well and people are asked to bring donations to our big red donation door in the back.

Lisa Gonzalez of Good Will says they also take all donations. But will not accept encyclopedias.

"We have a good selection of books here and they sell very well," she says. "Anyone looking to donate can just drive around back to the donation door to unload."

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