Downer winds up with 238 average

There were 26 perfect games rolled during the year

During the 2001-2002 bowling season there were 26 perfect 300 games bowled within the area. There were 28, 299 games and six, 298 games along with five, 800 series rolled this year.

High average of the year will go to Rob Downer. Downer, bowling in the Tuesday Night Business League at Recreation Lanes, ended the year with a 238 average for 70-plus games bowled.

Many local bowlers have participated in the state and national tournaments and many can be found in the year to date leaders lists. With only one more weekend for the state tournament and another month left for the national tournament many of these bowlers will do well cashing in these tournaments. A listing of some of those current standings:

ABC National


Singles -- Classified Jason Karau 31st, Doubles -- Regular Rob Downer and John Meitzner 30th.

Team -- Regular; Storm I 22nd, Storm A 49th, Pepsi 90th.

All Events -- Regular Morrie Schutz 73rd.

State ABC Tournament

Team Division 1 -- Storm I 4th, Storm II 27th, Div II:Primerica 16th, McNeilus

Steel 45th, Madd Dog's 55th.

Doubles Division I --- Ron Holets and Mike Pearse 8th, Steve Hartog and Dan Hildestad 15th, Rob Downer and John Meitzner 21st, Brandon Henderson and Tim Mayer 26th, John Nock and Rich Best 43rd, Ray Gilbertson and Tom Novotne 59th, Gary Schaeffer and Jerry Riemersma 64th, Jeff Green and Dan Butterfass 64th, Sue Feind and Ken Feind 89th, Brent Weber and Tim Parkin 89th.

Doubles Division II -- Jon; Wicks and Dwight Dennison 13th, Todd Derby and Craig Ross 51st, Kelle Reinert and Jerry Klein 53rd, Jeda Burt and John Radtke 63rd, Dave Donavan and Mike Runkle 69th, Dan Price and Joe Schultz 73rd, Tim Anderson and Eddie Kassen 77th, Jimmy Loupe and Kevin Duke 78th, Jeff Davis and Jeremy Lange 79th, Bernie Servais and Dave Turnquist 85th.


Singles Division I -- Brett Schletty 226th, Mike Norby 33rd, Bob May 42nd Brian Floen 48th, Dave Zemke 55th, Dan Litzinger 57th, Brandon Henderson 65th, Ray Gilbertson 89th.

Singles Division II -- Doug McNallan 1st, Keith Stolp 17th, Dan Price 19th, Jerry Bartel 20th, Kevin Duke 23rd, Dwight Dennison 82nd

Tournament Results

April CBA -- Rob Downer 9th, April 14 ABT:Derek Weber 14th (classic), April 21st Deriek Weber 16th and Gene Ninneman 22nd (classic)

Upcoming Tournaments

Colonial Lanes Blowout. Qualifying Saturday June 1:2002 Sanctioned Sport Condition. No membership required. Finals will be held on Sunday June 2. 3-shifts, 9am 1 pm, 5pm. 6-games across 12 lanes for qualifying.

Colonial Lanes Junior Blowout. Qualifying Saturday June 8th, finals on June 9th. Sanction sport condition, YABA Sanctioned and will be a J.O.G. Qualifier for (2003)

Year to Date Top 5



300-Randy Albrecht, Jered Bamlet, Chad Behnken, Al Bradley, Dan Chambers, Scott Davis, Bob Fauver, Lars Garretson, Fred Garske, Jim Goller, Mark Hanson, Dan Hasley, Todd Loppnow, Bob May, Tim Mayer(2), John Meitzner, Mike Norby, Rich Page, Ron A. Peck, John Rink, Dave Sauer, Morrie Schutz, Myron Storla, Bob Stricke, Glenn Wohl

299-Mark Bennett, Ryan Bishop, Mark Bleifuss, Brad Brown, Bob Church, Sly Daniel, Rob Downer, Barb Frey, Jim Goller, Jeff Green, Dan Hasley, Shane Hendrix, Ron Holets, Todd Indykewicz , John Kee, John Meitzner, Denny Moore, Mitch Narveson, Tim Parkin, Glenn Rausch, Mike Roseboom, Tom Rowe, Gary Schaefer, Bob Stricke, Mel Tollefsrud, Steve Uttecht, Tom Wacholtz, Kyle Warner

298-Mark Abel, Randy Hoyer, Bill Nelson, Bob Stricke (2), Todd Uptagrafft

297-Jered Bamlet

290-Nick Adams, Daren Crago, Scott Davis, Rob Downer, J.R. Hillemeier, Steve Karau, Mike Littlefield, Jeff Martinson, Tim Mayer, Denny Moore, Bill Nelson, Dean Pankow, Glenn Rausch, Steve Sagdalen, Morrie Schutz, Brett Scott


830-Brian Floen


821-Lars Garretson

815-Tim Liepold Jr.

804-Glenn Rausch

801-Todd Mallan


279-Shannon Hasley

277-Kim Davis, Kim Lindquist

274-Monica Young


269-Brenda Arnseon

268-Kristi Amell, Aimee Kirkham


728-Monica Young

717-Monica Young

705-Andrea Garrison

702-Sue Feind

685-Monica Young


Weekly Recap

MEN'S 240-plus GAMES

Dick Mustain 287-267, Jeff Smith 285, Lew Means 269, John Meitzner 268, Mike Gowin 267, Matt Lammers 267-242, Dan Streightiff 267, Brandon Henderson 258, Glenn Rausch 258-255, Rob Downer 257, Tim Reynolds 249, Tim Mayer 248, Seth Kim 246, Smokey Pater 245, Craig Dickenson 244, Tom Harnack 243, Dave Freeman 241

MEN'S 630-plus SERIES

John Meitzner 704, Dick Mustain 694, Mike Gowin 678, Brandon Henderson 677, Lew Means 665, Rob Downer 662, Seth Kim 662, Tim Reynolds 659, Brian Floen 656, Gary Hasley 647, Tim Mayer 638, Smokey Pater 637

WOMEN'S 210-plus GAME

Kim Davis 233, Sherry Halliburton 224, Aimee Kirkham 220, Renita Mentes 219


Sue Gilbertson 595, Kim Davis 575, Renita Mentes 568, Sherry Halliburton 546, Kim Baumann 542, Rozana Roeder 542, Pam Schroeder 542, Aimee Kirkham 540, Peggy Wussow 536, Laura Mason 535, Brenda Arneson 531-530


Shawn Davis 268, Garrett Johnson 245, Erin Glorvigen 244, Josh Littlefield 236, Hunter Von Wald 225-224, Chad Hodge 220, Mason Stuhldreher 213, Kate Slisz 206, Spencer Edge 176-165, Sam Fieck 175, Joel Amert 173, Tyler Sorensen 160, James Griffiths 144.

Bill Nelson writes a weekly Tuesday bowling column. This is his final column of the year. He can be reached at

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