Easy way to get pets in carriers

DEAR HELOISE: I read a hint in your column on getting a pet into a carrier. Well, mine is foolproof. I saw them do it at my vet’s office. Just sit the carrier on end with the open end up. Pick up your pet and gently deposit it into the carrier and close the door. Your pet does not see the carrier and does not fight your trying to put it in. My husband and I have four cats — one shelter cat, two strays and one from a local family. They are Tucker, Taffy, Tracy and now Coco, who is a stray and part Siamese. Thanks for all your great hints. — Dot Althouse, Smethport, Pa.

DEAR HELOISE: We might not realize when our older pets become arthritic, but grooming is especially difficult for them. Gentle brushing improves their well-being and is so good for them. Every furry or hairy pet needs to be brushed every day, or as often as possible. It is a sweet way to make the bond with them even closer. — Shirley Paschal, Cresson, Texas

DEAR HELOISE: My friend and I trade pet-sitting duties when we travel. I have one of those weekly pillboxes, and I measure out the fish food into each day’s compartment, which makes it easy on the pet sitter. The fish can continue to have the variety that I would provide if I were home without any interruption and in the proper amount. I had used an auto feeder, but somehow my fish always gunked it up. After a trip, I’d come home to find they’d gotten it in the aquarium, so I don’t use it anymore. — Melanie Parrott, via e-mail

DEAR HELOISE: We live in an apartment and have to make sure we pick up our dog’s waste when we take her out. Doggie bags are pretty expensive, especially now. So I save my sandwich, bread, fruit and vegetable bags. I put them in our dog bag. Then when we take her out, we just pull one out of the bag. It works very well and doesn’t cost us a penny, either. — Nan from Ohio

DEAR HELOISE: If you replace your old lawn-chair cushions, save them. They make great outdoor beds for your cat or dog. Most of them are made out of fabric that holds up well in outdoor conditions, and they are portable, which makes them handy when traveling with your pet. When they get dirty, just add a little mild detergent, hose them down and spread them out in the sun to dry. — Mary Michelle Martinez, Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas


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