Editorial errors corrected

Pop de-emphasized, school superintendent says

There were a number of errors in Saturday's editorial on the Rochester school district's vending machine contract with the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.

Jerry Williams, interim school superintendent, said that the correct information is as follows:

1. Pop machines in the middle schools will not be turned on until the end of the school day. The editorial stated that the machines would be turned on after lunch.

2. Pop machines will not be available to elementary school students, the same as in the past. There will be pop machines in the staff areas only, as in the past. The editorial had said that the district will not allow pop machines in the elementary schools.


3. A portion of the revenue from vending machines will continue to go to various organizations in the schools, with the remainder going to the district. The editorial had indicated that all revenue would go to the district treasury.

4. The editorial stated "there is no guarantee that there will be much reduction in the sale of pop, except in the elementary schools." Williams said a significant reduction is expected because no more than 20 percent of selection buttons will make pop available to students and 80 percent will be for juice drinks. He said the districtwide figures will go from 90 percent pop access to 50 percent. Williams said those changes are significant.

5. The Pepsi Bottling Co.'s upfront payment is $350,000 over seven years. Williams said the balance is in service payments and a small commission that might or might not be paid. The editorial had indicated that the company will pay $1.8 million over seven years, or $257,243 per year.

We regret the errors and are glad to provide the correct information as presented by the school district.

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