EDITOR'S NOTE: In last Monday's Prime Time, we asked you what growing older means to you. Here's what some of you had to say:

"I was a high school music teacher for 37 years and am in touch with many of these students since retirement. These fine people keep me from feeling old with their fine attitudes on life."

-- Jerry Smith, 68. Rochester

"The growing older process has been going on for me for nine decades. Recently, I've changed my address and live in a retirement community. This frees me from many chores and concerns. This is the season of opportunity, even though there are changes in my health and diminshing of my abilities.

"I'm a full-time learner and taster of any opportunity that might come my way. So far I've increased my interest in painting and calligraphy and am learning to play pool. Who knows if tomorrow I'll have the chance to try to be a stand-up comedienne or a hot air balloonist?

"I'm concentrating on keeping in touch with old friends and family as well as making new friends. I feel the need to further my spiritual awareness and ability for introspection. These are some of the things for which I have time today. Best of all some of my family are near by."


-- Walaska; Battenburg, Rochester

"For me, growing older means I'm fortunate because I get to continue experiencing the pains and joys that life has to offer, and then I have the opportunity to pass along that experience to my teenage boys, even though they generally don't appreciate it and probably won't until they're older."

-- Carol Thouin, Spring Valley

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