Now it's official: The three newly-elected members to the Rochester School Board are Don Barlow, Karen MacLaughlin, and Jess Garcia. Of the three, Barlow is the only incumbent.

The votes were canvassed by the remaining members of the school board on Friday. In total, there were 81,157 people who voted for candidates on the school board. Votes were cast across the Rochester School District, which lies across parts of Winona and Olmsted counties.

Barlow received 27,567 votes. MacLaughlin received 30,246 votes. And Garcia received 29,938 votes.

Barlow's competition, Justin Cook, received 26,924 votes. MacLaughlin's competition, Deborah Seelinger, received 22,977 votes. Garcia's competition, Mark Schleusner, received 23,490 votes.

In each of the three races, there were between 300 and 330 write-in votes cast.

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General Election Abstract of Votes by inforumdocs on Scribd