Quinn Williams, a seventh-grader at Kellogg Middle School, has won the Middle School Ecolab Food Safety Award at the 84th annual Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair.

The Ecolab Food Safety Award is a recognition honoring a student whose project uses "excellent scientific data gathering and presentations practices while showcasing innovative ideas around food safety — preserving the quality of food to prevent contamination and foodborne illness," according to a news release.

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Williams’ project, "How Do Pesticides Affect Plants?," was recognized at the fair's award ceremony on March 30. His prize includes $700 cash.

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A judge scoring Williams' presentation said, “this was a thoughtfully designed and well-executed project. I think that you've chosen good treatments and controls, taken a relevant number of measurements, and used an appropriate number of replicates.”

The 2021 science and engineering fair was hosted virtually by the Minnesota Academy of Science from March 23-30.