They may have approached it differently, but two teams of students from Rochester developed app designs focused on reducing environmental impact.

On Wednesday, the teams pitched their app designs virtually to executives from US Bank as part of the Technovation App Challenge. The students then received feedback on their projects. Two other teams also presented.

"It's very impressive how you came up with real-world problems to try to solve," US Bancorp CEO Andrew Cecere told the students.

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According to its website, Technovation is "a global tech education nonprofit that empowers girls and families to become leaders, creators and problem-solvers."

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Members of the team Apptopia explained how they designed an app that would allow customers shopping for electronic vehicles to find resources. Reva Patel of Friedell Middle School said that encouraging more people to drive electric vehicles would reduce the amount of greenhouse emissions. Their app, she said, is a way to facilitate that.

"We believe that if people had the chance to test drive an electric vehicle first, they may be more agreeable in buying one," she said.

According to the students' presentation, the app, called the EV Test Drive App, would allow buyers to connect with existing owners. It would allow buyers to see the available options, and it would allow EV owners to list their "vehicles and availability."

US Bank Chief Social Responsibility Officer Reba Dominski congratulated the students on their concept.

"I think there are so many practical things about your application and the impact it could have on climate change," she said.

The second Rochester team, the TechnoKrats, designed an app that would allow users to find trash and recycling bins. It would also have an option to add a new bin to a database and a feature allowing users to take a picture of an item to determine whether it should be trashed or recycled.

"During market research, we found lots of apps that offer a solution by using a carbon footprint tracker and many other tools," said Sreyoli Bhattacharya of Kellogg Middle School. "Although there are many apps like these, there are only a handful that focused on locating bins and green businesses, and even less that offered to do so as well as help classify an item as either trash or recycling."

US Bank Chief Diversity Officer Gregory Cunningham commended the students on their methodology — for completing market and survey research, as well as competitive analysis.

"I'm just so impressed with the thought process that you guys used to get to your solution," he said.

Team TechnoKrats

  • Anushka Kollengode, Mayo High School
  • Sreyoli Bhattacharya, Kellogg Middle School
  • Khushi Kancharla, Kellogg Middle School

Team Apptopia

  • Sanjana Jagadeesh, Bamber Valley School
  • Aditi Kattamuri, Washington Elementary School
  • Reva Patel, Friedell Middle School
  • Diya Shah, Washington Elementary School