Sometimes it might just take a couple of friendly words -- or even borderline tongue lashings -- out of the mouths of babes to make a difference.

This year's prom theme for Austin High School is "Red Carpet -- Hollywood 2021." And a number of second- and third-graders took it upon themselves to write to their older counterparts, giving them a few words of advice on how to enjoy the evening while staying safe.

According to Ryan Mayers, communications coordinator for Austin schools, this is the fourth year the younger students have written the letters. The letters are handed out to the students attending prom after the grand march.

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“Our goal is to send a positive message to students while encouraging them to continue to make smart and healthy choices,” planning and implementation coordinator Bill Spitzer said in a statement.

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Some of the letters contained general well wishes, encouraging the older students to have a good time.

"Eat popcorn. Have fun. Eat ice cream," wrote a third-grader, Htoo.

Others took more the tone of a loving, but overprotective parent:

"Have fun with your friends. Keep your mask on. Don't talk to strangers. Follow the rules," second-grader Cora wrote.

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The second-grader Regan had some similar words of advise:

"Look for cars wen you cros the road! Don't text well your driving. Have fun watching the movie."

Third-grader Thomas also included a driving recommendation with his prom advice:

"Drive safe. Don't drink beer. Ware a mask. Go the speed limit and do not vape!"

Sofin ended the note with an ominous warning:

"Have fun dont drink alcohol. be safe. and dont get drunk or else," which was followed by a couple of grim-looking drawn faces.

Third-grader Benjamin gave a similar message, encouraging prom-goers to "not drink bad stuff and be healthy."

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