Epiphanny Prince of New York scored 113 points in a girls basketball game last week, breaking the single-game record for a high school girl (105, set by Cheryl Miller). What is the Minnesota record?

We looked and looked and couldn't find the girls state record. Anyone out there who can help?

As for the boys, just year ago, on Feb. 1, Cash Eggleston, a senior guard from Minnesota Transitions, scored 90 points against Community of Peace to set the Minnesota record for points in a game.

Both are charter schools. Minnesota Transitions had a 17-3 record while Community of Peace was 2-8.

"Basically, my coach (John Sherman) told me, if I started on fire in the beginning of the first half, I should shoot for the record," Eggleston was quoted the next day. "He said if I didn't have more than 18 in the first quarter, we wouldn't go for the record, and I had 39. I was really hot."

Transitions won the game 153-69.


So Pittsburgh joins San Francisco and Dallas as five-time Super Bowl winners. Is anyone else close?

Our beloved neighbors, the Green Bay Packers, are part of a quartet of franchises that has won three Super Bowls each. The others: Washington, New England and the Oakland/L.A. Raiders.

Those who have won two: Denver, Miami and the New York Giants.

That means 10 of the 32 NFL franchises have accounted for 33 of the 40 Super Bowl victories.

Seven have won once: Tampa Bay, St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, the New York Jets, the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts.

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