Statewide Market Report from Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association.

Fed cattle: High-yielding Choice beef steers and heifers brought 91.00-96.00 with a top of 98.75. Choice beef steers and heifers brought 84.00-90.00. Select beef steers and heifers brought 82.00-90.00. Prime grade Holstein steers brought 85.00-88.00. Choice grade Holstein steers brought 75.00-84.00. Select and Underfinished steers and heifers traded at 75.00 and down.

Market cows: Breaking Utility and Commercial slaughter cows brought 62.00-68.00 with a top of 71.75. Cutter and Boning Utility slaughter cows brought 50.00-62.00. Canner and Low-yielding cutter cows brought 45.00-50.00. Shelly canners traded below 45.00.

Market bulls: High-dressing Bologna bulls brought 68.00-77.00. Beef slaughter bulls brought 65.00-77.00. Plainer-quality slaughter bulls traded at 63.00 and down.

Replacement calves: Bull market steady to weak and heifer market steady. Holstein bull calves traded at $30-95. Holstein heifer calves traded at $300-685. Colored beef calves traded at $50-120. Plain-quality and light-weight calves traded at $15-25. Cull calves traded below $15.


Market hogs: 230-260 lb. hogs traded at 48.00 and down. 400-600 lb. sows traded at 15.00-18.00. 300-400 lb. sows brought 14.00-16.00. Boars traded at 20.00 and down. 40-60 lb. feeder pigs brought $20-50.

Sheep: 110-140 lb. Choice and Prime ewes/wethers shorn brought 99.25 and down. 50-90 lb. new crop feeder lambs brought 85.00 and down. Slaughter ewes traded at 20.00 and down. Slaughter bucks traded at 15.00 and down.

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