Evie Mohrfeld: Ireland travelers are getting more time to see sites because of volcano

One dad who signed up to take five of his children on this "Dream Trip" to Ireland, is spending a lot more family time with them than he had thought and signed up for.

The trip is also unique in that another traveler has her daughters with her plus their local tour guide is family. The combination of the other travelers along is making for an extra exciting adventure. I think the enthusiasm of the young folks along with the others are making for a great combination.

The Unique part of this is that these 15 people are involved in the volcano of Iceland situation as they are touring in Ireland.

With return date to be on April 20, it has been extended for one week, so far. It's like, "Hello Mom, I have to stay another week in Ireland."

Wow, how lucky they were to be at the last two nights of lodging and can remain there with their Ireland Irish escort in comfort and enjoying the beautiful 80-85 degree weather they have been having. Sure makes you believe in trip insurance. The Collette company has been most helpful.


With all the interest from all of our readers, so far, all is well. I personally am not in charge of this tour, but know it is in good hands, and things are continuing on schedule with the other trips we have planned. Calls can also be directed to Doris at 433-9391, as I am in and out of the office seeking out further travel for our Mower County Senior Center.

Mark your calendar for 5 p.m., May 17. Travel Show on "Costa Rica" is a January 2011 tour planned there. The stunning waterfalls, endless coastlines, Costa Rica is truly a slice of paradise. A call to let us know if you can attend is helpful but not necessary.

A reminder that the "Jersey Boys" show at Des Moines on July 8 is due by May 3.

The "Chicago" July 12-16 trip still has some seats available.

June 1 is our Exploring Minneapolis and St. Paul with a step-on guide on our motorcoach. A couple of stops will be included for those wishing, and our lunch stop in St. Paul has free time before the Governor's Mansion tour.

Evie Mohrfeld writes a weekly column about upcoming travel with the Mower County Senior Center.

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