Executive profile: Connie Lindstrom


Job:Graphic designer, owner of Lindstrom Design.

Company:Lindstrom Design was started in 1998. Communicating visually is my passion. Graphic design conveys a specific message to a targeted audience. Using my expertise in visual communication, I combine words and images to create a meaningful message. My goal is to enhance my clients’ business image. My clients include health care, construction, marketing, direct mail, small businesses, nonprofit and retail. I produce both print and Web graphics.

Education:Bachelor's, Minneapolis College of Art & Design.

Experience:After 13 years of hard work and experience in the corporate graphic design world, it was time for a change. I wanted to do freelance graphic design. I’ve been running my own business for 12 years. I bring a high-level of expertise in design and production to every project. For a project to be successful, every aspect must be studied from start to finish. Understanding the client's business and target audience is key to developing an effective message that captures the audience and propels them to reach out and connect.


What book, website, television show or movie has left a big impression on you within the past year, and why:For me it’s Facebook. It’s a way great to share a laugh or photos with friends.

Do you use social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter?I use Facebook for personal communication. I prefer LinkedIn for business; it’s a perfect for business-to-business connections.

What’s your business philosophy, if you could distill it to one paragraph?My business philosophy is to successfully connect clients with their target audience and enhance their business, while staying on budget and meeting the deadline.

How did you get into the design business?As a child, I loved drawing and painting. It’s my nature to be observant and intuitive with visual connections. Communicating visually comes easily for me, as pictures are my first language. Graphic design is the perfect fit. In addition, I have the ability to carefully listen to clients, develop a clear understanding of their needs and create a message that’s effective.

How has the Internet's growth affected design, and how can businesses like yours take advantage of that?The Internet has broadened my client base and makes it possible to live anywhere. I have clients out-of-state, in the metro area and locally. I meet with clients as needed, but we do a lot of communicating through the Internet. It’s fast and efficient.

What's the most rewarding part of your job?Creating a design solutions that meet my clients' needs and makes their businesses successful.

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