Exercise, long term

Exercise, long-term

Henry Walker, who at 40 can compete with elite athletes half his age, has developed advice for people trying to build exercise into their lives. He advocates joining groups and working toward goals by entering competitions, such as 5-kilometer running races:

1. Unless you’re very much of an individualist, find a group of people that you like to hang out with. It might be a curling club, or Frisbee golfers.

2. Figure out what body type you are. Body types fit particular sports and activities; for example, I wouldn’t be a good ballerina.

3. Figure out how much time you’re going to put into it — and you have to be realistic. You also have to be willing to give up some things you like (I don’t watch TV; maybe it’s getting up earlier or walking to work). You have to decide that this is worthwhile to you.


4. You need to reward yourself for what you’ve accomplished. Maybe it’s a new piece of equipment, or a chocolate eclair now and then.

Ken Hanson

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