Expand domestic oil exploration

In yet another show of hypocrisy, congressional Democrats are going to demand that Saudi Arabia (an ally) increase its oil production to bring down the price of oil in the U.S.

Never mind that these are the same Democrats who have consistently prevented us from drilling for oil in this country, preferring instead the "protection" of caribou, harbor seals and dolphins (none of which are endangered) over an increase in our domestic oil supply. And forget the talk of their party leaders’ about "restoring America’s image overseas."

As we saw in the 1970s, we cannot "save" our way out of the current oil shortage — what we save will be bought by the Chinese, the Indians, the Europeans or the Japanese — all of whom have unlimited demand. Only by increasing domestic oil production can we become more self-sufficient (and as we have seen, ethanol is not an answer).

We need to decide whether we want lower gas prices or whether we want to keep known oil deposits off-limits, because we can’t do both. Democrats seem to only want scapegoats, not answers.

Joseph Rysavy



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