Experts find source of ancient Roman aqueduct

Experts have located the source of an ancient aqueduct built by Emperor Trajan nearly 2,000 years ago to supply Rome.

Archaeologists and officials said at a news conference Thursday that the find near lake Bracciano, north of Rome, was made by a British documentary crew that was filming in the area and was told by residents about an aqueduct believed to date back to the 18th century.

Archaeologist Lorenzo Quilici, an expert on aqueducts, visited the site in June and confirmed it was much older.

Experts believe the labyrinth of underground galleries and vaulted chambers was built to collect spring water for Trajan's aqueduct, inaugurated in A.D. 109. It was one of 11 supplying Rome with water.

Quilici said it will need to be restored before opening to the public.

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