Far too many bowl games

Running off at the typewriter. . . .

Gary Barnett's firing as the coach of Colorado weeks before the Buffs come to Orlando for the Champs Sports Bowl proves my theory about the college football postseason: There are way too many bowls and not nearly enough deserving teams. Rule of thumb: If your season is so disappointing that you actually fire your coach, you probably haven't earned a bowl bid. . . . Some UCF band members are upset because the school likely won't foot the bill to take the marching band to Hawaii for the bowl game. Just think how mad they're going to be when they find out the FAMU band is going in their place.

Can you believe Congress actually held hearings earlier this week on the Bowl Championship Series? At the rate politicians take bribes from lobbyists, how long until we see our legislative leaders strolling through Capitol Hill wearing Tostitos Fiesta Bowl blazers and using the Harris Interactive Poll to decide whether Social Security should be revamped?

Mike Bianchi

The Orlando Sentinel

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