Pollution and population can damage hair just like hot rollers and blow dryers. A combination of these factors have led Houston, New Orleans and Los Angeles to be named the three most "hair-impaired cities" in the country, according to a recent survey by Proctor &; Gamble.

More than 70 percent of women surveyed said they do suffer from hair damage, and more than half said they regularly heat style, straighten and chemically process their hair.

Consumer habits and practices were weighed against environmental factors such as UV levels, humidity, precipitation, pollution and population to produce the damage-index ranking for cities across the country. Also considered among the most hair-impaired places are Memphis, Tenn., Detroit, Baltimore and Chicago.


With the handbag being a signature of so many designer brands, it's not surprising that there's now a version by BCBC Max Azria.


The bag has a square shape with stitch trim and sculpted hardware, and is available in a large and medium tote, and a clutch.

The colors in the debut collection include red, green yellow, orange and pink, but the palette will change each season to match fashion trends.

BCBG was named for the Parisian phrase "bon chic, bon genre," meaning "good style, good attitude."


Very few people have "Star Power" like Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor, though, has captured that, along with Celebrity, Sugar and Velvet, in her new makeup collection.

But the stars of the Elizabeth Taylor Color Cosmetics Line are the colors. Taylor, who was involved in the development, including naming the hues, describes Celebrity as a cocoa brown, Star Power as a shimmery clear and Velvet as a rosy neutral.

Other shades include a coral and rich red lipstick and nail color, and plum and sparkling brown lip glosses.

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