While swimwear may well be the last thing on a pregnant woman's shopping list, she can't always escape the pool or beach all summer. Mothers' Work is a maternity brand that includes A Pea in the Pod, Mimi Maternity and Motherhood Maternity.

On shopping for swimwear, the company advises women to look for straps and bras that will give them support and to follow as much as possible their own personal style. The options include one-piece gingham skirted suits (Motherhood Maternity) for a traditional look, tankinis for women who want to be a little more daring, and basic tanks. Prices run from $29.98 to $150. For information, call 1-877-646-4666, 1-877-273-2763 or 1-800-466-6223.


Stylish shoppers seeking vintage clothes and one-of-a-kind looks have turned thrift shops into trendy boutiques.

"I've always loved working with vintage clothes, but for me, the original piece is just the starting point," says Los Angeles-based designer Alicia Lawhon. Lawhon has made a career of giving secondhand clothes new life.


She teamed with Rit Dye to produce a list of tips for doing some dyeing at home. Garments made of 100 percent cotton are the easiest to dye, she says, but it's possible to color silk chiffon, cashmere, and even suede and leather, although they are more of a gamble.

Lawhon suggests starting by coloring old T-shirts or other pieces of clothing deemed undesirable because of stains or fading. Then, she says, you can work your way up to elaborate, embellished garments.

A vintage cotton dress with a lot of detail, such as rayon bows, is a favorite project because different fabrics will take on different shades of the color making the dress visually interesting. Hand-dyed clothes will take a richer color than items dyed in a washing machine, but the machine clothes will have a more even color.


Adidas' new "hot" sneakers aim to keep athletes cool. The brand's ClimaCool footwear uses a 360-degree ventilation system to maximize airflow; open mesh instead of closed synthetics for increased breathability; outsole air openings that ventilate from below; and vented sock liners to wick moisture and channel airflow. These features help reduce heat and moisture by up to 20 percent, according to the company. The shoes also are tailored for specific sports.

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