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p Q: Your nominator said you pay great attention to detail, not only as part of your job, but in the clothes that you wear. What are the finer points of looking good?

A: I would probably say understanding your body and knowing what looks good on you. I've discovered not all colors look good on me and not all styles of clothing look good on me. I think it's a matter of experience. I've seen through experience what does and what doesn't work on me and I try to stay away from what doesn't.

Q: How would you describe your overall look?

A: It's a mix of casual and professional. I'm professional at work. Outside of work I'm more casual.

Q: You recently released a CD entitled "Where He Leads Me," available at Christian Book and Gift in Rochester and at Describe your musical style.


A: I would say it's gospel music, soulful gospel music -- music sung from the heart. Proceeds from the CD will go to the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Fund for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Q: What musicians or styles dominate your music collection?

A: Gospel, jazz and probably soul music. I would say my music is sort of a blending of all of those types of music -- some blues as well. I sort of go between all of those styles.

Q: What styles of clothing dominates your wardrobe?

A: Mostly professional. Not full suits. My preference is not to wear suits. I'll wear shirts and ties and dress slacks and blazers. I wouldn't describe myself as being a suit person. I think you can look good and dress nice without putting on a traditional suit. I like the alternatives to the suit.

Q: Where do you shop?

A: Marshall Field's, TJ Maxx and I enjoy Banana Republic as well. I usually go to The Cities when I do shop. There's not much choice for men's clothing in Rochester.

Q: From who or what do you take your style cues?


A: I guess I don't look to anyone to influence my own style. It's based on what I think looks good on me. I try to stay trendy, but I don't have a particular influence to determine if I should wear this or that. I look at clothes and try them on, so I guess I look to myself.

-- Christina Killion Valdez

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