FASHION YOUR STYLE MICHAEL DUPRI art entertainmentp Q: Your nominator said you have that "mysterious sex appeal." How does one get that?

A: Don't tell them anything about yourself. I just don't talk about me. I try to keep everything work-related, if it's at work, and if it's personal, then they know me.

Q: You host Ladies Night at Bon's Buffet. How do the ladies affect your fashion sense?

A: I don't think anybody really affects my fashion sense. If it's brown or blue and it fits and it's comfortable, I wear it.

Q: You worked on the KROC morning show doing "Danger Dupri." What's dangerous about Dupri?


A: Nothing at all. I'm easy-going. I'm simple. I'm a good kid.

Q: Your nominator also said you make "it work," everything from your hats to your eyes to your hair to your flip-flops. What's your style secret?

A: I like hats. I like jackets. I don't wear baseball caps, I don't wear anything normal; it has to be something unique, so as far as flip-flops, they're just comfortable. Everybody hates my flip-flops. They say I can't wear flip-flops, everybody says that, girls, friends, family, but I wear them wherever I go usually.

Q: Where do you shop?

A: E-Bay. A lot online, because a lot of my stuff comes from East and West coast online stores, because around here there's not much I like. Sometimes, I shop at The Buckle around here, but that's about it. I like to support E-Bay a lot. If you want something, usually somebody's got it on there.

Q: When do you think you look best?

A: Usually, it's the same thing every day. I wake up, shower, throw on a hat and a shirt and go. I dress the same just about everywhere I go. You won't catch me in a suit. No suits, no tuxes.

Q: So, what would you wear to your wedding?


A: A Mexican wedding shirt, that's what I'm going to wear someday. I like to wear stuff nobody else wears.

-- Andrea Faiad

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Michael Dupri, 25, DJ with KROC

Personal style: Online casual

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