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FedEx Cup too little, too late

The FedEx Cup is about 10 years too late.

It’s a fine idea the PGA Tour has, modeling its season points race after NASCAR’s, with the hope that the big names will find a reason to be interested in playing after the PGA Championship in late August.

The problem is, the top-tiered players the FedEx Cup was designed for already make enough money. The bonus money tied to being the Cup champion may look intriguing to Tiger and Phil and Vijay, but apparently not intriguing enough to show up in Duluth, Ga., this week for the AT&T Classic.


Had the Cup system been put in place before Tiger became a one-named household name, people might care about a points race in golf.

NASCAR fans care about who wins the Daytona 500, and who wins the Nextel Cup points race. Golf fans care about who wins the four majors.

Maybe, over time, this FedEx Cup thing will catch on. But, for now, a couple of thousand FedEx points clearly aren’t enough motivation for Tiger and Phil to play events like the AT&T.

Jason Feldman

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