Finding Dory awesome for everyone


Review by Aubrey Beadling, age 8, from Rochester.

"Finding Dory" is about Dory trying to find her family, and starting to remember things. Dory is a fish from the movie "Finding Nemo." The animation was a lot like the other Disney movies.

I like that they took your favorite characters from "Finding Nemo" and added other great characters. A character I thought was funny is Destiny the whale shark. Destiny is Dory’s "pipe pal." Becky reminded me of the wacked out bird from the movie "Rio."

I think it would be cool in 3D because of the vibrant colors and swimming fish.

A good lesson from the movie is that family is very important. Another good lesson is to never give up, even when something seems impossible. A good quote is "there is always another way."


There are barely any dull moments. It keeps the audience needing their tissues nearby. I suggest this movie to people who love a good laugh.

"Finding Dory" is a movie that really tears at your heartstrings, and tickles your funny bone as well. I saw it in the jumbo screen but it would be just as good regular. Rated PG but I think it’s fine for anyone. Did I say fine? I mean AWESOME.

I give Finding Dory four out of five shells.

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