Finding fun photos just like flying a kite

Photography on the Web is fun to look for and there are amazing pictures to find.

You can discover lots of great images on the Web, but here’s a site that used an interesting method.

Read on.

It’s Kite Cam! This student in Boston used a kite cam.


He checked Federal Aviation Administration rules and couldn’t find anything prohibiting his effort and then he came up with a contraption to photograph some nice shots high above Boston.

Check it out.

Here are some photos, but they’re spliced up in puzzle pieces. Try to put them back together. This online jigsaw puzzle site is a challenge to beat the clock. It’s tough.

Give it a try.

I just returned to this site after some time. It’s not new, but interesting to see some of the views about professors at Rochester Community and Technical College.

It’s a ratings site with the ratings by students. It can be a mix of good, bad and ugly with helpful comments or vindictive depending on how the student did in the class.


But it’s always interesting to look up what others say.

I love Google maps and here’s the index for finding a bunch of interesting projects.

For me, the political junkie, a map that reflects the electoral votes on various national presidential polls that are out there is pretty cool.

You can see who’s coming close based on the snapshot of time polling of various groups. But there are many more maps, so check them out.

Web Urbanist is a fun stop for a weird mix of art. The site is described as one for architecture and alternative art. And it lives up to the billing, such as its 20 Creative Artistic and Geeky Cake Designs. One’s of the Starship Enterprise crew. Scout out the archives for an interesting mix.


And since money’s on everyone’s mind, why not think big in this time of financial doom and gloom news?

How long will it take you to hit millionaire status?

Assuming you didn’t hit the Powerball numbers, here’s a calculator you can noodle away on with your financial figures.

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