FIRE CALLS Thursday, Dec. 5

3:59 a.m.: Eight S.W. Seventh Ave., canceled en route -- medical call.

11:38 a.m.: 300 N.E. First St., false alarm or false call.

12:03 p.m.: 102 S.E. Second St., emergency medical call.

12:12 p.m.: 33 N.W. 13h St., emergency medical call.

12:34 p.m.: 200 S.W. First St., good intent call.


2:47 p.m.: 4232 N.W. 55th St., emergency medical call.

3:06 p.m.: 7386 S.W. Airport View Drive, sprinkler activation due to malfunction.

3:17 p.m.: 40th Street and 70th Avenue Southeast, assist police or other governmental agency.

3:49 p.m.: South Broadway and U.S. 52, vehicle accident, general cleanup.

5:05 p.m.: 1009 N.W. Yorkshire Lane, good intent call.

5:29 p.m.: 1111 N.W. 41st St., municipal alarm system, malicious false alarm.

6:29 p.m.: 1767 S.W. Third Ave., water evacuation.

6:52 p.m.: West Circle Drive and Valleyhigh Road Northwest, vehicle accident with injuries.


7:04 p.m.: 5023 N.W. 25th Ave., emergency medical call.

9:06 p.m.: 106 S.E. 21st St., canceled en route -- medical call.

10:03 p.m.: 1806 S.W. Seventh St., emergency medical call.

10:37 p.m.: 426 S.W. Second Ave., emergency medical call.

11:59 p.m.: 2814 N.W. 43rd St., assist emergency medical crew.

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