FIRST RUN - Man pleads guilty to kidnapping

By Janice Gregorson

Editor's note: A version of this article appeared in some of Friday's editions.

A 22-year-old Rochester man pleaded guilty Friday to six counts of kidnapping in an agreement that will keep him out of prison if he testifies against four co-defendants in a case that stemmed from the theft of $60,000 and 18 pounds of marijuana.

Senior Assistant Olmsted County Attorney Scott Buhler said Anthony Wayne Carman will have a 15-year prison term hanging over his head if he breaks the agreement. And a key condition is to testify against four other men facing more than 20 felony charges each in connection with the series of events that allegedly occurred last winter. The first trial is set to begin Monday in Olmsted District Court against Bradford Allen Cornell, 22, of Rochester.


All five men are accused of kidnapping six teens in Rochester on Nov. 8, and assaulting and threatening at least some of them at gunpoint in an attempt to recover money and marijuana Cornell and Harkamal Singh claim were stolen from their apartment. They suspected the teens they kidnapped had been involved in that theft.

Carman told District Judge Jodi Williamson that he became involved after Singh, who was an acquaintance, called and told him about the theft and asked if he could help track down the thieves. He agreed.

He said he met Singh to buy some marijuana. He got into a van and said he saw Singh holding a gun. He said they began to pick up teen-agers to try to learn what happened to the money and marijuana. In all, he said, six teens were kidnapped and subsequently released. They also recovered a portion of the marijuana and money.

Carman identified others involved in the kidnappings as Jonathan Charles Kern, 23, of Rochester, and Edward John Michael Williams, 28, of Bloomington.

Carman told how one of the teens was tied up with duct tape, pistol whipped, kicked and hit in the head while in the van. That teen also was taken to the Cornell/Singh home and assaulted again while tied to a chair. Carman said at one point, the teen's earring was ripped out of his ear and thrown into a fireplace. That teen also was finally taken home.

Under questioning from Buhler, Carman said he never had a gun and never assaulted or threatened any of the victims. However, he conceded that if the case went to trial, he could be found guilty of aiding and abetting in the crime.

Under terms of the agreement, Buhler will recommend staying a 15-year prison sentence. He will recommend Carman serve a year in jail, testify against his co-defendants and be jointly responsible for any restitution.

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