First-time wins highlight action at Deer Creek

SPRING VALLEY -- The Saturday night stock car action at Deer Creek Speedway was highlighted by a couple of first time feature wins from Tom McEldowney and Adam Hensel.

McEldowney won the main event in the Street Stocks for the first feature event of the night. McEldowney used the outside of the track to pull out to an early lead.

Coming down the stretch, a caution flag slowed the action with five laps to go and threatened McEldowney's lead. On the restart, McEldowney held off the challenge of Chuck Nerland to claim his first feature win of the season at Deer Creek.

The Super Stock feature found Chris Klinger, last week's winner, on the front row with Hensel, a first time visitor to the track. Klinger used his knowledge of the track to take the lead at the start with Hensel following him early on. The first caution flew with 17 laps to go.

Hensel kept working the middle of the track with Klinger up against the wall. Then, Hensel got his break when Klinger slipped up. The leadership of the race changed for the last time as Hansel held on for his first feature win.


The Midwest Modified main event was slowed at the three-quarter mark when Joe Wernecke hit the wall. Ron Houdek had jumped to the early lead with Greg Pfeifer, Jr., sitting in second-place. After the cleanup from the crash, Houdek pulled off the track with a broken front shock. Pfeifer then slowly pulled away from the field.

The USRA Modifieds found Tim Donlinger jumping into the early lead. Mark Noble and Neil Eckhart had a great race for second, but there was no stopping Donlinger up front as he cruised to his second feature win of the season.

Lance Matthees and Barry Underdahl paced the field for the Late Model feature. A few newcomers to the class were on hand with Matt Madsen picking up the former Brian Fegers car. James Parker makes the fourth new late model pilot to race during the last month at Deer Creek.

With 15 laps to go the first caution flew. Underdahl put the pressure on Matthees and with 11 laps to go made his move. Matthees slipped up in turn two and allowed Underdahl to get a run underneath. Underdahl was quick up front and held on for his second win.

The Classic Dwarf cars were the final feature of the night with Jeff Jech holding the early lead. Brian Kiehne moved up and with 11 laps to go worked into the top spot.

After a mid-race restart, Tate Bestor was the man on the move. Coming to the white flag, Bestor went high and Kiehne low as they worked around a slower car. Bestor came out on top taking the win as they completed the lap.


(Saturday night)



Feature -- 1. Barry Underdahl, 2. Brad Waits, 3. Jeff Matjeka, 4. Lance Matthees, 5. Nick Herrick, 6. Jerry Bloom, 7. Ben Mattick, 8. Paul Novotny, 9. Jon Chrest, 10. Roger Herrick. First heat -- 1. Chrest, 2. Matthees, 3. Underdahl. Second heat -- 1. Matjeka, 2. Waits, 3. N.Herrick.

USRA Modified

Feature -- 1. Tim Donlinger, 2. Neil Eckhart, 3. Mark Noble, 4. Jay Ihrke, 5. Mike Sorensen, 6. Bob Timm, 7. Brad Waits, 8. Karl Fenske, 9. Dave Siercks, 10. Nate Wasmund. First heat -- 1. Hank Rollinger, 2. Bruce Angst, 3. Eckhart. Second heat -- 1.; Sorensen, 2. Waits, 3. Ben Anderson. Third heat -- 1. Timm, 2. Ihrke, 3. Siercks.

Super Stock

Feature -- 1. Adam Hensel, 2. Troy Brand, 3. Dustin Nelson, 4. Chris Klinger, 5. Troy Langowski, 6. Adam Stockhausen, 7. Mark Oeltjenbruns, 8. Bobby Swanson, 9. Dave Haberman, 10. Kevin Hager. First heat -- 1. Brand, 2. Stockhausen, 3. Matt Durnen. Second heat -- 1. Schatney Sanders, 2. Klinger, 3. Hensel.

Street Stock

Feature -- 1.; Tom McEldowney, 2. Travis Krause, 3. Chuck Nerland, 4. Steve Eischens, 5. Brad VanZuilen, 6. Danny Hanson, 7. Tony Horsman, 8. Daniel Svee, 9. Darran Jonsgaard, 10. Fred Prudoehl. First heat -- 1. Chuck Nerland, 2. Travis Krause, 3. Danny Hanson. Second heat -- 1. Tom McEldowney, 2. Tony Horsman, 3. Brad VanZuilen.


Midwest Modified

Feature -- 1. Greg Pfeifer Jr., 2. Ryan Weber, 3. Craig Bentzin, 4. Mike Paulson, 5. Bryan Hernandez, 6. Larry Nelson, 7. Bob Bunne, 8. Tim Siercks, 9. Johnny Magnum, 10. Bryan Siercks. B Feature -- 1. Tom Paulson, 2. Harlan Morehart, 3. Joe Dengler, 4. Sam Siskow, 5. Steve Quinell. First heat -- 1. Ron Houdek, 2. M.Paulson, 3. Derrick Bridley. Second heat -- 1. Vince Corbin, 2. Weber, 3. Hernandez. Third heat -- 1. B.Siercks, 2. T.Siercks, 3. Scott Huinker.

Modified Lite

Feature -- 1. Tate Bestor, 2. Brian Kiehne, 3. David Marso, 4. Jeff Jech, 5. Drew Jech, 6. Matt Aarsvold, 7. Todd Kiehne, 8. Rick Utley, 9. Kevin Bigalk, 10. Corey Whalen. First heat -- 1. Utley, 2. Kiehne, 3. D.Jech. Second heat -- 1. Bestor, 2. J.Jech, 3. Bigalk.

Chateau Raceway

(Friday night)

Pure Stock

Feature -- 1. Brent Podein-Owatonna, 2. Dave Stevens-Albert Lea, 3. Shane Christianson-Elysian, 4. Brad Erickson-Chatfield, 5. Craig Hansen-Ellendale, 6. Dan Holland-Brownsdale, 7. Brandon Klemmenson-Owatonna, 8. Jeremy Smalley-Austin, 9. Chad Schutrop-New Richland, 10. Jeff Kiffmeyer-Wannamingo. First heat -- 1. Holland, 2. Phillip Felt-Austin, 3. Keith Devonshire-Austin. Second heat -- 1. Christianson, 2. Podein, 3. Mattick.

Classic Dwarf

Feature -- 1. Jeff Jech-Austin, 2. Dave Lewison-Adams, 3. Tate Bestor-Harmony, 4. Mike Gaines-Glenville, 5. Matt Aarsvold-Rochester, 6. Ron VanRiper-Glenville, 7. Larry Dahle-Austin, 8. Joel Kath-Meriden, 9. Dave Anderson-Lyle, 10. Jamey Ulven-Rose Creek. First heat -- 1. D.Jech, 2. Aarsvold, 3. Brian Kiehne-Harmony. Second heat -- 1. Bestor, 2. VanRiper, 3. Lewison.

Midwest Modified

Feature -- 1. Greg Pfiefer Jr-Austin, 2. Bryan Hernandez-Blooming Prairie, 3. Larry Nelson-Freeborn, 4. Jason Born-Medford, 5. Johnny Magnum-St Paul, 6. Ryan Weber-Ellendale, 7. Bobby Saterdalen-Byron, 8. Eric Condit-Austin, 9. Gary Wilde-Austin, 10. Nolan Bachman-West Concord. First heat -- 1. Heather Rayman-Austin, 2. Bachman, 3. Greg Jensen-Albert Lea. Second heat -- 1. Weber, 2. Pfeifer Jr, 3. Clark. Third heat -- 1. Hernandez, 2. Magnum, 3. L.Nelson.

Street Stock

Feature -- 1. Deven Sutter-Lyle, 2. Jamie Johnson-Austin, 3. Steve Eischens-Taopi, 4. Bobby Kilby-Austin, 5. Luke Stevens-Albert Lea, 6. Shaun Olson-Albert Lea, 7. Matt Eustice-Hartland, 8. Dave Gustafson-Rochester, 9. Randy Bustad-Austin, 10. Adam Stowell-Owatonna. First heat -- 1. Gustafson, 2. Eustice, 3. Eischens. Second heat -- 1. Johnson, 2. Sutter, 3. Kilby.

Open Modified

Feature -- 1. Todd Scharkey-Kasson, 2. Neil Ekchart-Rochester, 3. Jimmy Davis-Medford, 4. Doug Hilson-Blooming Prairie, 5. Mike Mehling-Grand Meadow, 6. Wally Bustad-Austin, 7. Brian Shaw-Brownsdale, 8. Matt Stark-Austin, 9. Dave Wytaske Jr-Mapleview, 10. Jay Clark-Rochester. First heat -- 1. Eckhart, 2. Davis, 3. Mehling. Second heat -- 1. Scharkey, 2. Stark, 3. Shaw.

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