Fix Fido or pay city's sterilization fee

MINNEAPOLIS -- Owners of wayward dogs and cats in Minneapolis will pay an extra $40 deposit to spring a pet from the pound if the pet isn't sterilized.

The Minneapolis City Council approved the fee Friday on the recommendation of animal-control staff members. The proposal, which applies only to dogs and cats over six months old, is expected to take effect next month.

Owners can have the fee refunded if they provide written certification of sterilization from a veterinarian within 45 days.

Bob Marotto, who manages the city's animal-control programs, says officials hope the fee will help reduce the number of animals brought to the pound.

Minneapolis spends about $1.2 million annually picking up and sheltering roaming animals. Last year, the city destroyed 1,893 animals because they were sick, injured, dangerous or unclaimed.


"We're euthanizing animals that we would rather not have to," Marotto said.

The city's licensing fee for dogs and cats already is twice as much for unsterilized animals as for pets that have been spayed or neutered.

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