Fleet Farm plan gets commission's OK; next stop, council

From staff reports

A planned south-side Mills Fleet Farm store, double the size of the current Rochester store, has passed the first of several regulatory hurdles.

A general development plan and preliminary plat for a 66-acre development, including the store and four other commercial lots, passed the planning and zoning commission Wednesday on a 6-0 vote.

The general development plan and plat require city council approval to become final.

The development would lie between U.S. 63 South and St. Bridget Road, southeast of the new 48th Street interchange, a site that holds the potential one day for even greater levels of exposure to traffic, as 48th Street is envisioned as becoming part of the next Circle Drive loop.


The new Fleet Farm building would sit back from the road, with other businesses between it and 48th Street. At 200,000 square feet, the new store would be about double the size of the current store. An engineer's drawing of the preliminary plat identified a 273,000-square-foot footprint for the store, but that was understood to include an outdoor storage yard and separate convenience store, commissioners said.

The store would fill about 31 acres of the 66-acre site. The other four lots, as drawn, range in size from 3.6 to 16.4 acres.

Commissioners approved the plans with no discussion and without any presentation from the developer, aside from the drawings and applications submitted earlier. No one spoke during the public hearing.

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