Foreign made cars are American?

Foreign-made cars are American?

Fifty-eight percent of U.S. college students surveyed by Anderson Analytics believe Land Rover is an American brand. Only 18.5 percent of respondents correctly identified the marque as British.

About a third of those surveyed thought Lexus was an American company. Roughly the same number knew the luxury automaker was in fact Japanese.

Swedish automakers were also a source of much confusion. Forty-nine percent of respondents said Volvo was German, and 40 percent thought Saab was, too. Roughly 15 percent of those queried correctly identified the two companies as originating from Sweden.

Fifty-five percent of students thought South Korean automaker Hyundai was Japanese. A nearly identical number of respondents also thought Korean electronics maker Samsung was also Japanese. Most students thought LG — also from Korea — was American.


Other non-automotive companies in the study include Nokia, which only 4.4 percent of respondents could identify as Finnish, and Lego, which most students think is American.

The survey sampled 1,000 U.S. College students at 375 universities during the fall-winter 2006 semester and was reported on

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