Forget how you got into the playoffs

Back door, front door, side door. It's time for the Vikings to forget how they got into the playoffs and realize this is an opportunity to salvage their near trainwreck of a season.

The way the Vikings stumbled into the playoffs, they are being given little chance to win at Green Bay on Sunday. Sure the Vikings struggle outside on the road, struggle on defense and seem to struggle with fundamentals late in close games.

But beat the Packers and purple fans will go from skeptical to giddy. This is hardly a dominate Packers team. They might have finished on a 9-2 run but Green Bay's defense is barely better than Minnesota's.

The Vikings need their offense to control the tempo on Sunday. Running the football successfully would be a huge start. It would control the clock and keep the Minnesota defense off the field. And at some point it would also force the Packers safeties to step closer to the line of scrimmage.

Run the ball 40 times, instead of 20, and then make those down-field passes pay off when the opportunities arise. If the Vikings think they are a physical team, this is the time to prove it.


Guy N. Limbeck

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