Fox is asset to community

Sometimes we choose our communities and other times our communities choose us. It is impossible for me to tell the difference with Don Fox. His dedication and involvement with Austin education, particularly with the students, is nothing short of remarkable.

Many have known Don as a teacher, coach, and principal. In the past 22 years, I have had the privilege to know the man and call him my friend.

I no longer live in Austin, but it is my home town, and I care about its future. This letter is in support of a person who has proven time and time again, that the education of Austin’s children is his priority. I have often heard people say, "If Don were in charge, things would be different."

Well, here is your chance.

Don is that rare individual who combines the ability to see through to the heart of an issue and bring clarity to it. He is a man of conviction, integrity, and is one of education’s most valuable assets. The students, parents, and the entire Austin educational system are lucky to have Don Fox.


Eric Anfinson

Key West, Fla.

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