Gasoline station reverts to age of 'full service'

By Joshua Lynch

One gasoline station in Rochester is offering customers the full-service treatment at no additional cost.

Greenway is offering the treatment, but only on Tuesdays and exclusively at its service station at 1024 N. Broadway. Customers can obtain full service, at no additional cost, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. through the summer.

"This will help a lot of the elderly who need help," said Greenway station manager Barbara Rucker.


Rucker said customers can have their gas pumped and windows washed, plus their tire pressure and oil level checked free of charge with any gas purchase. She said gas prices for full-service customers will be the same as those for self-service patrons.

At least one other station in Rochester also offers full service. But customers of Golden Hill Amoco, at 2276 S. Broadway, must pay extra for the treatment.

Station owner Keith Groth said the services cost an additional 30 to 35 cents per gallon. He said on an average day, about six people request full-service treatment. Attendants there perform similar services and offer a free car wash.

"There's not a big demand for it," Groth said. "A lot of people are more concerned about the price than the service."

Another station plans on adding the full-service option to its slate of offerings.

Automotive Pro Care service station, at 312 Elton Hills Drive, is planning to add a full-service fuel island to its operations. Manager Dion Diercks said Monday he was unsure when the addition would be completed.

Rucker said the Greenway at 1024 N. Broadway first offered the enhanced services last week. The offer, called Full Service Tuesday, is scheduled to continue through the summer.

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