'Get Born' is just too much fun not to like

Jet'Get Born'Elektra Records

"Get Born" placed me and my own musical ideals at a crossroad.With their second-rate band name, Jet doesn't even try to add anounce of originality on their debut CD. From their black-and-whitealbum cover that rips off the Beatles' "Revolver" to the countlessnumber of times "yeah!" and "whoo!" are uttered, everything seemsblatantly derivative of bands from the '60s and '70s.

The current groups that have successfully revived the retro rocksound have done so by adding their own unique elements to themusic. The White Stripes bring real down-and-dirty blues, the Kingsof Leon add plenty of southern twang, the Vines are primal littlebrats, and all are very lyrically creative. Yet, I still findmyself pleasantly listening to Jet, despite the fact that theyshamelessly avoid throwing any original twists into theirmusic.

That's because "Get Born" not only rocks, but it doesn't forgetto roll. These young Australians confidently pack so much passion,energy and aggression into their simple rock tunes that it can't beignored. Sure, Jet is making the same music that has been made byother artists, but they are so good at it!

The single "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" really sums up my "youshouldn't like it, but you do" feelings about this band. The songis all over radio and television, its lyrics are primitive ("Nowyou don't need money with a face like that, do ya") and theinfectious guitar riff that drives the song is stolen straight outof Iggy Pop and the Stooges hit "Lust for Life." In the midst ofall those setbacks, "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" rocks so hard thateven the starkest of wallflowers couldn't deny the urge to get outand dance to it. In simpler terms, it is one fun song.


Vocalist Nic Cester unleashes some serious Mick Jagger swaggeron "Rollover DJ," while his bandmates continue to pound out powerchord after delicious power chord. This Rolling Stones soundalikeis so groovy that one can easily ignore the irony in the line "Iwanna move but I don't feel right/Cause you've been playing otherpeople's songs all night."

The superb rock 'n' roll theft continues on the tracks "ColdHard B" and "Look What You've Done." "Cold Hard B" builds thelistener up with some heavy '80s riffage before joyfully explodinginto the song's AC/DC-like chorus. "Look What You've Done" is theone song that isn't an up-tempo stomper, but still works. Theearnest vocals and piano chords copped from "Imagine" give it afeeling that echoes the Beatles' later work in every way.

The mood "Look What You've Done" projects is so captivating thatit blows the other three or four mundane slower songs on "Get Born"out of the water.

This record might be one that Creed, Nickelback, or pop fans buyto say they have "diverse" musical tastes, but it is just too funand exciting not to like.

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