GOP candidates debate environment

Associated Press

MINNEAPOLIS -- What a difference a week makes.

Two GOP candidates for governor on Monday night offered starkly different solutions to the state's environmental problems than their DFL counterparts did last week.

The two Republicans also highlighted their differences with each other.

Entrepreneur Brian Sullivan said only when the market doesn't function is it time for government to get involved in regulation. House Majority Leader Tim Pawlenty said it's not a good idea to rely on market forces when dealing with the environment.


"There is absolutely a role for government to be involved," said Pawlenty, of Eagan.

Pawlenty also said government should help acquire land for public use -- either by buying it or trading less sensitive state land for more sensitive private land.

Sullivan, of Orono, pointed out that Minnesota already has one of the largest park systems in the country and said the state should worry about maintaining what it has before acquiring new land.

"There is a danger of spreading ourselves too thin," Sullivan said.

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