Regina Mustafa said it’s time for new leadership in Olmsted County.

“I am running for Olmsted County Commissioner, District 5, not only to unite our neighbors from Byron to Rochester, but also to bring our local governing bodies together to enjoin endeavors for the benefit of every resident of Olmsted County,” she states on her campaign website. “Olmsted deserves a leader who will go out of her way to ensure transparency of county government. I will work tirelessly to inform constituents of the plans which impact their everyday lives.”

Mustafa is challenging incumbent Jim Bier for the seat that covers a portion of northwest Rochester and the area west of the city.

An alcohol and drug abuse counseling intern with Zumbro Valley Health Center, Mustafa has seen firsthand how county services help people.

“The number of clients I’ve seen that I’ve been able to refer to local county services for housing or access to healthcare, it’s just numerous,” she said.

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She said improved collaboration on state and local levels can ensure services are accessible throughout the county.

“That really is the key to making Olmsted County really work for everyone,” said Mustafa, who is the founder of Community Interfaith Dialogue on Islam and has served on the Olmsted County Human Rights Commission and Rochester’s Ethical Practices Board.

Additionally, she said transportation is a key issue for the county.

“I’ve been an advocate for transportation and getting infrastructure in place to really connect all of Olmsted County together,” she said.

Mustafa is a citizen representative on the Rochester-Olmsted Council of Governments, which guides regional transportation planning efforts.

Mustafa, Bier and Brian Morgan, an engineer, are slated for an Aug. 11 primary election to narrow the candidates to two for the Nov. 3 general election.