Nearly a month after the filing period closed for four Rochester City Council seats, only three of 16 candidates have reported raising more than $750 for their campaigns.

Election law requires candidates to file finance reports within 14 days of spending or receiving $750 on a campaign.

Michael Wojcik, the only sitting council member seeking re-election this year, filed his annual year-end report for 2019 on Jan. 31 this year. It indicates he had $1,688 on hand for his current campaign.

Two of three candidates for city council president have reported raising enough money to require filing an initial report.

Brooke Carlson filed a report on June 12, indicating she had received $2,375 in donations within the first weeks of her campaign.

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Calrson’s top contributor was Susan Ahlquist, her mother, who donated $1,000 to the campaign, according to the report filed with the Rochester City Clerk’s office. Four other contributors provided more than $100 to the campaign.

Kathleen Harrington reported raising $4,269 for her campaign by June 18.

The report filed with the city indicates Bari Amadio, former CEO of the Greater Rochester Arts and Cultural Trust, was the campaign’s top contributor in the initial weeks, with a $1,000 donation. Seven other contributors donated more than $100 to the campaign.

The candidates, as well as others who reach the $750 donation or spending benchmark by the end of the month, will be required to file a pre-primary financial report by July 31, detailing contributions of more than $100, as well as campaign spending.

Campaign reports from 2018 indicate, approximately $33,500 in contributions were raised by campaigns for four city seats ahead of the primary election, which narrows the number of candidates to two in each race.