The Rochester Park Board approved a new round of work this week for Gamehaven Regional Park.

“This really gives us the ability to use the park itself in a more effective manner, based on our master planning efforts,” said Mike Nigbur, the city’s park and forestry division head.

The approved $1.8 million in work will develop a championship-caliber disc golf course, parking lot and entrance road, nature-play areas and required utilities.

The park, which is one of three regional parks in the city, is currently used for archery, mountain biking and some cross-country skiing, but the goal is to expand use and access through ongoing development.

Using nearly $1.1 million in state legacy funds approved last year, the overall cost of the work during the current phase of design and development is nearly $2.6 million.

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However, the initial proposal for the work approved this week was over budget when contractors’ estimates came in, according to Nigbur.

Working with the lowest bidder, Rochester-based Fraser Construction Co., park staff identified $160,000 in cuts, the majority of which are related to signs.

“Those signs are important for identification, but we have to make cuts someplace,” Nigbur said of a $90,000 estimate for a variety of signs.

He added that scaled-back markings for golf tees and entry signs could be added by the city with the possibility of an upgrade in the future.

The remaining $70,000 in cost reductions include dropping a planned $30,000 pergola and reducing the nature-play areas.

“To me, that makes it a viable project to move forward in a positive manner,” he said.

Work could start in the fall, but Nigbur said a date hasn’t been established. The latest project is expected to be completed in a year.

The new work won’t be the last for the regional park. Planned expansion of snow-making equipment and ski trails, as well as the development of a snow-tubing hill, are also part of the park’s master plan adopted in 2014.