Olmsted County commissioners unanimously agreed Tuesday to hold the county’s property tax steady.

Without comment, the commissioners set the preliminary tax levy at nearly $107.6 million, setting the maximum the county will be able to collect for 2021.

The state requires cities and counties to set their preliminary tax levies by the end of the month, capping the amount of property taxes they can collect.

Olmsted County’s decision to keep the levy steady sets the parameters for its 2021 budget, which commissioners plan to discuss further during budget discussions in November.

While the county levy is holding steady, the county’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority levy will see a $240,000 increase based on increases in property tax value throughout the county.

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The HRA board, which includes the county commissioners and a citizen representative, initially adopted the annual levy in 2016, but didn’t increase it to the maximum allowed rate until last year.

The levy is now set to collect 0.0185% of the county’s estimated taxable value, which is expected to provide nearly $3.78 million for a variety of housing-related programs in 2021.

With the adoption of the new levy caps, county commissioners also set the time and date for the annual meeting to adopt the final 2021 levy and budget, which will include a public hearing. The meeting is set for 7 p.m. Dec. 3 in the boardroom of the city-county Government Center.