Rochester has been selected as one of six cities to participate in the Mayors’ Institute on Job Creation and Economic Opportunity to Improve Health and Equity.

“This opportunity will allow us to make real headway with our current efforts to improve health and advance equity through economic opportunity,” Mayor Kim Norton said in a statement announcing the selection by the National League of Cities. “I look forward to working with the city team, our community partners and NLC throughout the course of this year. This is really meaningful work as we seek to make Rochester a place where everyone thrives.”

The mayors’ institute will take place through a virtual format May 19 and 20. In addition, the effort will include technical assistance through December to enable participating mayors and city teams to obtain practical solutions and advice in response to their city’s specific circumstances and needs.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Norton has led efforts to mobilize city departments, medical professionals, nonprofit social service agencies, and other partners throughout the community in the health and economic response to the pandemic. The goal of the partnership with the National League of Cities is to build on the local collaborations and adopt a more integrated strategy to address job creation and economic opportunity for low income residents.

As Rochester recovers, Norton said she plans to bring community partners together to tackle three health and economic challenges that impact the local economy and opportunities for others: vaccination, minority-owned business growth and worker retraining.

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