A face-to-face interview with Rochester’s police chief will officially have more sway for potential recruits.

“This rule is just reflective of our current practice,” Rochester Police Chief Jim Franklin said.

The change to the city’s hiring policy was approved unanimously Thursday by the Rochester Police Civil Service Commission.

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The results of the chief interviews will officially be included as 15 percent of the score for new applicants during the second phase of the hiring process, with a physical strength and agility exam attributing to 10 percent of the review and an in-depth oral interview by the city’s hiring team accounting for the remaining 75 percent of the score.

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Tim Comstock, senior human resources consultant for the city, said the department already has similar rules related to promoting sergeants, lieutenants and captains, so the change simply adds the required chief interview for entry-level officers.

“This also gives the chief some input and say into the candidate selection,” he told the commission.

Franklin said he’s been sitting down with entry-level officer candidates for more than two years, but his observations haven’t officially been part of the scoring process. In the past, the interviews by the hiring team accounted for 90 percent of the score of candidates who made it to the second phase of the hiring process.

“I still have been interviewing these candidates one-on-one to ensure we are getting the best candidates in the door reflective of our core values,” he said.

The department’s most recent hires will add a class of eight new recruits next week, but Franklin said the department still has approximately six openings to fill.