Olmsted County is taking a step to protect property and land owners against mortgage and real estate fraud.

"This is an extra insurance policy, kind of like credit monitoring," said Mark Krupski, director of Olmsted County Property Records and Licensing.

The county enacted a new Land Notifi­cation Alerts system that will warn property owners when documents are recorded with their personal name, business name, or property ID number. Each time an alert is triggered, an email is sent to the property owner to provide an update of any activity.

"This will help you protect your most valuable asset and stay on top of any fraudulent claims," Krupski said in a news release. "Monitoring records on your property can help in the prevention of this crime.”

Property fraud is when someone illegally uses your name on records related to your property for financial gain or acquisition of your assets. Krupski said the problem exists nationwide, but doesn't happen with great frequency in Olmsted County.

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Krupski said there have been instances in which a person is disgruntled with someone and attempts to put a "bogus claim or a lien" on their property.

The program cost the county $10,000 to purchase the software. The money comes out of the recorder technology fund, which is funded by recording fees.

To sign up for Olmsted County Land Notification Alerts, visit https://landnotify.co.olmsted.mn.us/lns.app. In order to sign up, you will need an email account with Google, Yahoo, or OpenID.

Questions about the new system can be directed to Olmsted County Property Records at 507-328-7635, or via email at landnotify@co.olmsted.mn.us or prlcustomerservicereps@co.olmsted.mn.us.