Attorneys have more than a year to prepare for a potential trial regarding Rochester’s lawsuit related to the city’s newest public parking ramp.

Court documents filed this week set Aug. 23, 2022, as the trial-ready date in the lawsuit filed in March.

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The suit alleges Minneapolis-based Collaborative Design Group breached its contract with the city by failing to meet expectations in designing the parking structure, which was intended to eventually include housing on added levels.

Collaborative Design Group denies the allegations, according to a response filed in April.

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The Rochester City Council approved spending an additional $512,000 in 2017 to make sure the ramp, which cost $31.4 million, could support housing at some point.

Court documents filed by Minneapolis-based Kennedy & Graven Chartered on behalf of the city allege Collaborative Design Group didn’t notify the city of limits to the design until after a potential developer noted in May 2019 that added supports would be needed to build additional floors.

Collaborative Design Group’s response states the city did not request or pay the firm to prepare construction documents to achieve an expansion for potential multi-story housing addition.

It did note the ramp was designed for a possible expansion, but the two sides appear to disagree on whether that met the intent of the contract.

The court plan filed this week includes a March 10 deadline for possible mediation in the case.

The city has said efforts at earlier mediation were unable to resolve the dispute, and attorney's for Collaborative Design Group said the results of March 3 mediation efforts are confidential.

City Attorney Jason Loos has said the total damages sought related to the city’s lawsuit against Collaborative Design Group will be determined as the court action continues.

The city is being represented in court by Minneapolis-based Kennedy & Graven Chartered, which specializes in consulting with Minnesota cities, townships and schools.

Collaborative Design Group has hired Minneapolis based Maslon LLP, which provides business-related legal services, to represent the company in court.