Another $36.3 million in state Destination Medical Center funding is tentatively earmarked for work in 2022.

The state DMC Corp. board unanimously approved the funding request Thursday morning.

“This is a really good capital strategy,” board chairman R.T. Rybak said. “I think it does a couple things that are really important. No. 1, it continues to bring Destination Medical Center in connection to the rest of the city.”

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He pointed to plans to connect the Mayo Clinic campus to Soldiers Field Park with Discovery Walk, a planned four-block linear parkway along Second Avenue Southwest.

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With a $18.6 million construction bid approved for the project Thursday, the board earmarked $7 million in state funds for the street between Second and Sixth streets, which will include snow-melting technology on the sidewalks and small gathering spaces.

The new state funds will be added to $7 million approved last year. Additional state funds are expected in 2023 to finalize funding, with design expenses already approved and paid.

The board also approved earmarking $12 million in state funds for continued efforts to create a bus rapid-transit system, which will largely run along Second Street Southwest, connecting a transit hub on the west end to the Mayo Civic Center on the east end.

The project with an anticipated $114.5 million price tag is being considered for federal funding, which would cover nearly half the cost.

Another $2 million is planned for replacing aging sections of downtown sidewalks, primarily along Broadway. The Rochester City Council delayed the work earlier this year, asking the DMC EDA to fund the project with the state funds.

The plan also includes nearly $3.3 million for related DMC EDA and city operating expenses.

The proposed spending in 2022 also provides some insight to potential 2023 projects.

The plan presented by DMC EDA officials included spending $500,000 for an effort to design an expansion of the Discovery Walk project into Soldiers Field Park. Another $4.5 million is projected for the project in 2023.

The spending plan also includes a potential $1 million to upgrade the Chateau Theatre’s heating and air conditioning, which would be on top of $350,000 earmarked for potential improvements next year as the city looks for someone to operate the historic venue.

Update: The Rochester City Council voted 4-3 to approve the plan during its Oct. 4 meeting.