Rochester Public Library wants the public's input on its hours of operation.

Earlier this year, the library instituted new hours in response to evolving service needs because of the pandemic. The current schedule, which offers year-round daily service, started in June with the library offering more summer hours than ever before.

“We knew people needed access to the library, so we were open all day on Saturdays and Sundays," Library Director Audrey Betcher said.

In all, the library offered 64 open hours each week during the summer, compared with 58 hours each week during previous summers.

In the past, the library’s schedule changed with the school year calendar.

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While the library opened its doors every day during the school year, it reduced to a shortened week during summer months, closing early on Saturdays and re-opening on Monday mornings.

Betcher said the last time the Library Board made changes to its weekly schedule was in the mid-1990s.

“Our schedule remained unchanged for over 25 years,” she says.

During the next few months, library staff will collect feedback about library hours and the Bookmobile schedule through a survey.

“We’re also using focus groups, current usage statistics, and other data to inform the Library Board as they make a decision about future hours of operation,” Betcher said.

The board is expected to make decisions about potential schedule changes in early 2022.

The survey is available online at and at the library or Bookmobile.