Government never makes do

We have all had to make do. We have all been in a position where we needed more and could not have it. A large family that needs more space buys bunk beds. An older car purchased because it is all you can afford. A business started using used desks and old file cabinets purchased at the school auction.

These are all decisions that most folks have had to make because they had no other choice. The boss won’t just give you a raise. Your customers won’t put up with higher prices.

Government never makes do. New buildings are all built first class. Used desks, used furnishings, used cars; not even considered. Why are the offices of our public "servants" all nicer than most small business offices? Why are the county, city and state dump trucks all nicer than the private haulers?

The government never makes do not because it chooses not to, but because it has forgotten how. It doesn’t even know it has forgotten. It is hardly even its fault. Think of the people that you know in government, how many years have they been there? Isn’t it strange that Dave Tollefson is the only nay vote on the green-field justice center? He still remembers how to bootstrap.

Remember, folks, after we spend $40 million on this justice center, we won’t be done. We have to hire more staff. We intend to move human services back downtown. Will we suddenly discover prudence and make do down the road? Don’t hold your breath.


Jim Bennett


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