Graceful losers could signal new start

I never thought the political nightmare of the election season would ever end. The distortions and mean-spirited messages were constant and coming from both sides.

After the dust settled in what was clearly a "thumping" of the Republican party and its agenda, a simple but beautiful act of healing has occurred. It was refreshing to see the Republican Senate contenders from Virginia and Montana concede defeat.

This is after the difference in votes that separated them from their Democratic rivals was 3 thousandths and 7 thousandths of a percentage point in each of those races. What, no litigation and claims of "stealing the election" or voters being "disenfranchised!"

Both Republican contenders accepted the "will of the people." I hope these acts of maturity and respect for the system our founding fathers created catch fire in those remaining in the U.S. Congress. We, as a country, certainly need it.

Mike Mellon



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