Grand Meadow student suspended for bringing cap gun to school

By Elliot Mann

Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN

A student at Grand Meadow Elementary school brought a cap gun to school this morning, resulting in a five-day suspension.

No one was hurt. The toy gun, a .45 revolver replica, cannot shoot any type of projectile. School officials, citing data privacy laws, did not release the child’s name.

Grand Meadow Superintendent Joe Brown said school staff confiscated the toy after another elementary school student told a staff member that a student planned to bring a gun to school.


The staff member sought out the student before class began and asked him about the gun. At that time, the student opened a briefcase and showed the cap gun.

The school has filed a policy report with Grand Meadow Chief of Police Jim Richardson. The student will be suspended from school for at least five days, pending additional investigation.

Brown, who is also the high school principal for Grand Meadow, spoke Thursday afternoon with the student’s elementary class about the incident. The school district has a "zero tolerance" weapons policy.

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